Saturday, May 29, 2010

Physics Final Exam info

The final exam for Physics will include the following topics:

Circular Motion (packet 6)
Gravity (packet 7)
Matter (stress and strain) (packet 9)
Heat (packet 10)
Waves (sub work from early May) and

You can also use for review.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Final Exam info

On Friday, May 28th, you will receive a review packet for some of the material on the final to work on.

Period 1 final exam is on Tuesday, June 8th during normal class time.

Period 2 final exam is on Wednesday, June 2nd during normal class time.

Rockets update

Rocket Launch Schedule (weather permitting):

Period 1 - Thursday, May 27

Period 2 - Wednesday, May 26

In case of inclement weather, we will do the launches next Tuesday, June 1st.

Monday, May 17, 2010

It's Rocket Time!

This WebQuest will help students gain an understanding of rockets and rocket flight, how physics fundamentals are related to rockets, and how we will use model rockets.

1. go to and read the page.

2. click on “Guided Tours” on this page

3. on the “Guided Tours” page ( ) go down the page to the “Rockets” section. You need to go through each section:

a. Forces on a Rocket ( )

b. Types of Rockets ( )

c. Rocket Systems ( )

d. Rocket Flight ( )

After you read each page, click on the button.

Make sure you click on the button next to the topic you are on. For example, when in “Rocket Flight”, multiple sections appear at the bottom of the page. Make sure you click on the one next to “Rocket Flight”.

4. read, take notes.

Take notes on each page you visit. Your notes will be graded as the first part of the Rockets Unit. Pay particular attention to the “Model Rocket” section of “Types of Rockets.”

You will be calculating a predicted altitude for your rockets before launch, and then we will see who's is the most accurate


Friday, May 14, 2010

Class Update

Today (Friday, May 14th) we finished all of the topics for class. We had a worksheet and video on light, electromagnetic waves, and electricity. The worksheet can be found here:

Anyone who was absent today must complete the worksheet on their own and bring it in on Monday.

On Monday, we will start the rockets project.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Sound lab

Assignment for Tuesday, May 11th, 2010.

I'll be back on Wednesday!

Sound labs/explorations:

Waves and Sound
Experiment 26 Doppler Effect
Experiment 27 Beat Frequency
Experiment 28 Wave Interference
Experiment 29 Pendulum
Experiment 30 Longitudinal Waves
Experiment 31 Reflection and Refraction
Experiment 32 Doppler Effect

Pay close attention to what is happening in these explorations as we will use this information later.

Write a 1 page summary of what you learned and observed from these labs and explorations and submit it to the drop box on the right (under "Submit work to Mr. Andrade"). Instructions on how to do this are also posted in the room.