Wednesday, October 27, 2010


All of the lecture notes for Forces are now posted. Part 3 is more on forces and another example and Part 4 is about pressure. You can find them here:

Today (Wednesday, Oct 27th)
Period 2 - finished the computer assignment
Period 3 - those that were in class finished the computer assignment.
Those students that went to the Fairfield University presentation need to do the following as makeup:
Go to this site,
complete the "test" and submit it to me at this email address:
Each student must submit their own to me.

Period 6 - finished all of the forces lecture. Your homework is Packet 3, #12-21 and is due Friday.

Tomorrow (Thursday, Oct 28th)
Period 3 - we will finish the Forces lecture
Period 5 - we will go over your homework (#7-11 in packet 3) and then finish the Forces lecture
Period 7 - we will go over your homework (#7-11 in packet 3) and then finish the Forces lecture

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Lecture Notes Posted - Forces part two

Lecture notes for part two of the Forces lecture have been posted. 

Go here:
File name: Physics - Forces and Newton's Laws - lecture notes part 2.pdf

After this part of the lecture, your homework is Packet 3, problems 7-11

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Lecture notes posted

I just posted the lecture notes for the 1st part of the Forces and Newton's laws unit.
Period 5 and 7 did that today. Period 2 did it the other day and Periods 3 and 6 will see it tomorrow (Friday).

You can find it here:

The file is "Physics - Forces and Newton's Laws - part 1.pdf"

Schedule Update


Period 5 and 7 started Forces. Your homework is Packet #3, #1-6, due next class.

Period 2 will finish the 1st part of Forces and have homework (Packet 3, #1-6)
Period 3 and 6 will start Forces.
Period 7 - go over the homework.

Friday, October 1, 2010


Some reminders for you.

Do Now (everyday as you enter class)
Put away cell phones and MP3 players.
Take out any assignments or homework.
Reflect on last class and prepare any questions for me.
Mentally prepare for class – get ready to learn.

Homework (this you do everyday)
Reflect on today’s class and what you learned.
How did you do in class today?
Could you do something better next class?
Do you have any questions on what we did in class?

These are the things that students should do everyday, for every class they are in.