Signature Form

Parent/Guardian Form

Mr. Andrade
Central High School

Parent or Guardian: please read through the Physics Syllabus so that you know and understand now this class will be run and what your student is expected to do. By signing below, I will assume that you have read the material. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at the email address above or through the contact form on the website. You may also call the school and leave a message for me.

Students: by signing below, you agree that you have read and understand the rules and works of the class and the expectations placed on you. You agree that you will put forth 100% effort on this class and do all of the assignments and come to class prepared to learn. You agree that you understand that you must do a lot of work on your own at home and that your success in this class is highly dependant on your effort.

Education is a team effort. Students, parents/guardians and teachers must all work together to make a student successful. The teacher will do their best to give the students the information and skills necessary to succeed. The student will do their best to put in the effort in homework, studying, and attendance. The parent/guardian will do their best to support their child in their school work and give them a place to study at home.

All students must come to class with their own pen or pencil, notebook, and scientific calculator. You can buy a scientific calculator for around $10 at Target or Walmart.

Students and Parents/Guardians: Please feel free to contact me for any reason.
Students: do not hesitate to come to me for help.

Student printed name ____________________________________ Class Period ___

Student signature ______________________________________    Date __________

Student email ___________________________ @ ___________________________

Parent/Guardian signature _______________________________    Date __________

Parent/Guardian printed name ____________________________________________

Parent/Guardian email: __________________________ @ _____________________

Parent/Guardian daytime (2:30pm-4pm) phone number _______________________

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