Sunday, January 30, 2011

Hi Everyone!

Hi Everyone!

Just wanted to say "hi" and to keep up the good work.

Don't worry if you don't understand everything you are doing right now. When I return from serving on this jury, we will be going over all of it.

Miss you guys and see you soon!

Mr. A

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Physics Class work for Wed Jan 26 through Tue Feb 1st 2011

Working in groups. Use all 7 computers. Groups should be no bigger than 4 people with one group of 5 where needed.

Lesson 3 – Universal Gravitation
Lesson 4 – Planetary and Satellite Motion

Go through all parts of both lessons. Read all of each lesson. Try the “Check your understanding” questions. Do all of the animations. Try the sample problems on your own. This should take you quite a while to go through it thoroughly and completely. This should not be done in one class.

Each group must submit a Word document, will all of the names of the group members at the top, and the date, with a summary of what you learned that day. Include any questions you answered and any questions you have or things that you don’t understand. Email me this Word document at the end of the class ( You must email me each day, even if you haven’t finished. I will post answers to questions and clarify things each night in the comments section under this post.

When you finish both of the lessons above, you move onto the next step.

2. Multimedia Science School – software on computer – on Novell screen. You have used this before.

 Click on Physics, Fields, Gravitational Fields, Lesson, Gravitation. Go through all 14 pages. Try out each simulation multiple times with different variables. Read all of the pages. Write up a summary of what you learned and what you saw happen in each simulation. Do NOT copy the summary from the software. Submit the summary and what you learned via email in a Word document. Include the names of everyone in your group and the date. Submit it each day, whether you have finished or not. Also include any questions you have or things you didn’t understand.

When you finish all of this, you move onto the next step.

Click “Run Now” and then follow the instructions on the lab sheet which you can download from here:  “Universal Gravitation PhET Lab.doc”. Add your names to the top of the document, fill in the data as you complete the lab, save the file and then email it to me when done. Do not print it out! (printer is still broken).

4. If and when you finish all of these assignments, you will be doing class work and solving problems. Turn these in when complete. 

Midterm Exam Grades are posted

Midterm Grades are posted on PowerSchool. 

There was no curve due to every class having students score in the 80's on the test.

High score out of all classes was a 90. Low score was a 25.

I was disappointed that many students didn't even try to do many of the problems. You guys have seen all of these problems - either the exact problem or a few that were very, very similar. Many left complete blanks - you didn't even write down what was given, what you were looking for, and draw a picture. The problems and the equations were separated by category so you should have been able to find some equations for every problem and at least tried to figure it out. You need to at least attempt the problems.

If you didn't do well, be honest with yourself - did you actually study? did you look over each packet and your notes and try some problems again? No one came for extra help and no one emailed me with questions. You even had extra study time with all of the snow days.

I told everyone if you had questions, email me. No one did so I figured you were all doing ok with your studying. I also told you all that I would be here after the exams were over (from 12:30 to 2:30 each day) and you could come for help and no one came. I was out one day, but no one emailed me either.

The final will not be any easier. You must study and you must review the material on your own and come to me with questions.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Google Science Fair 2011 - very cool

Google Science Fair, a global, online science competition, is live today.

Google, in partnership with CERN, LEGO, Scientific American, and National Geographic is sponsoring this contest. Students aged 13-18 from around the world can enter singly or in groups of up to three students. Prizes include internships and scholarships and finalists will be flown to Google's Headquarters in California for the finale. Students have until April 4th, 2011 to complete their entry.

If you are interested in this, go to this site and read more about it.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Midterm Exam Schedule

Midterm Exams

Material to Review - Packets 1-6
You will get all your past work back either Friday or Monday to use to study.
Start studying now so you can ask questions next week. There will be no formal review, but I will answer any questions you have.
Look over your notes, quizzes, tests, and packets. Try problems again and see how you do.

Friday, January 14th
Period 1 Exam 0800 - 1000
Homeroom 1005 - 1015
Period 2 Exam 1020-1220
Buses leave at 1225. Lunch will be served at 1225, but no buses will be here. If you stay for lunch, you must get your own ride home.

Monday, January 17 - NO SCHOOL - use this extra time to study

Tuesday, January 18th
Period 3 Exam 0800 - 1000
Homeroom 1005 - 1015
Period 4 Exam 1020-1220
Buses leave at 1225. Lunch will be served at 1225, but no buses will be here. If you stay for lunch, you must get your own ride home.

Wednesday, January 19th
Period 5 Exam 0800 - 1000
Homeroom 1005 - 1015
Period 6 Exam 1020-1220
Buses leave at 1225. Lunch will be served at 1225, but no buses will be here. If you stay for lunch, you must get your own ride home.

Thursday, January 20th
Period 7 Exam 0800 - 1000
Homeroom 1005 - 1015
Makeup exams 1020-1220 
Buses leave at 1020. Lunch will be served at 1225, but no buses will be here. If you stay for lunch, you must get your own ride home.

Friday, January 21st is last day of marking period. All missing work must be in by then. If you are absent on the day of an exam, you must get in touch with that teacher ASAP to schedule your makeup exam.

Physics class update

Wednesday, January 5th


Period 3 and 7 - Packet 6, #13-17 due Friday

Period 6 - reminder, Packet 6, #13-17 also due Friday

Period 5 - packet 6, #18-23 due Friday

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Physics schedule update and info

Today, Period 2 and 6 did the second part of Circular/Rotational motion, including angular/rotational velocity, torque and moment of inertia.

Slides are posted here:
(Physics - Circular and Rotational Motion - part 2.pdf)

Homework is Packet #6, Exercises 13-17.

(Period 5 did this Monday).

Period 3 and 7 will be doing this Wednesday.