Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Tuesday, May 26th

Both classes are watching "Understanding Electricity". The questions for the video are below.

Each class was also given the review packet for the final exam. These are due TOMORROW. Even if we don't have class (period 1) you must get the packet to me (either in my room or in my mailbox or even via email or as a comment to this blog).

Students absent today must answer the questions below and submit them to me by Wednesday.

Understanding Electricity

Discussion Questions

1. How does the lightning rocket work?

2. What is electric current?

3. On what principle was the space shuttle experiment based?

4. What is a power grid?

5. How is water used to produce electricity?

6. How does a light bulb work?

7. What makes a heart beat?

8. How does the Utah Arm work?

9. How does a solar panel work?

10. What is geothermal energy, and how is it produced?

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