Monday, March 29, 2010

Bridge Project

Today you start the Bridge project. Go to the site below and carefully follow the instructions. Through this webquest, you will get the information and resources needed to design your bridge.

UPDATED! Fixed links on webquest.

Go through all the instructions and sites on the webquest. Answer the questions and submit as a comment to this blog post. (anonymous)

When you are finished with the webquest, you may go to the site below and start researching more information for your project.

I highly recommend checking out this site too:


The bridge that can hold the most weight wins.

Bridges have to be between 250mm and 300mm long and width must be between 50mm and 75mm wide. The bridges must be less than 100mm high.

The only materials you will have are a knife, working surfaces, ruler, 15 pieces of balsa wood, and glue.

You will also be given a handout with more information and tips when you start building.

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