Monday, April 26, 2010

Bridge Project Test Results

Today was the testing of the bridge project. The results are listed below.

Period 1
Bryan, Sindy, Hernan, Mohammed - 11.4 kg and still didn't break.
Alyssa, Alex, Kevin A. - 9.2 kg
Marissa, Lizette, Nefertiti, Naelia - 8 kg
Sherwin, Emmanuel, Kevin P. - 4.2 kg (used least amount of wood though)

Period 2
Allen, Sergio, Adrian - 9.8 kg
Baronny, Marguerita, Angelo - 9.0 kg
Phylisse, Precious, Selena - 9.0 kg
Cynthia, Eunice - 5.4kg
Aldrin, Kevin, Victoria - 3.5 kg
Elizebeth, Roneisha - 3.5 kg
Damien, Courtney, Dondre - 3.5 kg

Everyone did a great job designing and building the bridges and the testing showed you all how the different designs can hold different masses.

Below are pictures of the bridges:

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