Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Midterm Exam Grades are posted

Midterm Grades are posted on PowerSchool. https://powerschool.bridgeportedu.net/public/home.html 

There was no curve due to every class having students score in the 80's on the test.

High score out of all classes was a 90. Low score was a 25.

I was disappointed that many students didn't even try to do many of the problems. You guys have seen all of these problems - either the exact problem or a few that were very, very similar. Many left complete blanks - you didn't even write down what was given, what you were looking for, and draw a picture. The problems and the equations were separated by category so you should have been able to find some equations for every problem and at least tried to figure it out. You need to at least attempt the problems.

If you didn't do well, be honest with yourself - did you actually study? did you look over each packet and your notes and try some problems again? No one came for extra help and no one emailed me with questions. You even had extra study time with all of the snow days.

I told everyone if you had questions, email me. No one did so I figured you were all doing ok with your studying. I also told you all that I would be here after the exams were over (from 12:30 to 2:30 each day) and you could come for help and no one came. I was out one day, but no one emailed me either.

The final will not be any easier. You must study and you must review the material on your own and come to me with questions.

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