Monday, February 28, 2011

Bridges Project

Bridges Project

You will start be exploring bridges and their structure:


There are links on this site for you to go to also. You need to go to each of the links on the site. 
You should be taking notes and coming up with ideas for your bridge.

Bridge Links
There are tons of links on this site for you. Go through as many as you can. Take notes.

I will be checking the notes your group is taking about bridge design and construction. You must keep these notes written down and must have a drawn design before you may start construction.


The requirements for the bridges you will build are listed below.

You must have a design drawn before you may start construction.


Rules and Requirements

Students will then build model bridges. The bridge that can hold the most weight wins.

Bridges have to be between 250mm and 300mm long and width must be between 50mm and 75mm wide.

The bridges must be less than 100mm high.

The only materials you will have are a knife, working surfaces, ruler, 15 pieces of balsa wood, and glue. The balsa wood pieces are 61 cm long and 4mm square.

You will not have to build any legs or supports - that will be done with books.

We will start building the bridges after you have done your research and designed your bridge.


Your design should be well thought out. You should have drawing of your design (3 views - side, top, front). You should estimate how many different pieces of different size cuts of wood you will need.

You should also create a template where you can lay the wood on the paper and then glue it.

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