Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Fluids and Heat Labs for class today

Fluids & Heat
Experiment 20 Density
Experiment 23 Pressure in Liquids
Experiment 24 Buoyant Force
Experiment 25 Ideal Gas Law

Instructions and what to hand in - put it all in a Word document with names and email to me. 

Lab 20 Density
three objects on bottom (blue triangle, red/black square, red oval) - calculate density for each
list which object(s) floated (try all of the objects)

Lab 23 Pressure in Liquids
raise and lower manometer (red box with tube) and record depth and hydrostatic pressure
do for all five liquids (water, ethanol, benzol, tetrochloromethane, and mecury)
write down your observations of differences or similarities of the pressures at different depths

Lab 24 Buoyant Force
lower the mass into the liquid and note the buoyant force as it is lowered into the liquid. Note how it changes until fully submerged.
change the preselected values of base area, height and densities (do at least 6 trials)
write down your observations of the different buoyant forces vs. the area, height and density

Lab 25 Ideal Gas Law
try it out and explore concepts 

Go to: and answer the three questions

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