Monday, September 19, 2011

Motion in 1D Continued - FREE FALL

Today, Monday, September 19th, we did the lesson on FreeFall. 

Lecture notes are part of the notes for the earlier classes (here:  Physics - Motion in One Dimension.pdf )

acceleration due to gravity  g= 10 m/s2

Read the problem, write down what is give and what you are looking for. Look for the physics concepts and formula that relate them and solve. 

The formulas are in the packet, along with some examples. 

d = y (for vertical motion like freefall)

If an object is dropped, it's initial velocity (v0 ) = 0 

HOMEWORK: Packet #1, Exercises #9-14

(if you lose your packet, you can download another one here:    Physics - Packet 1 - Motion.pdf)

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