Monday, December 19, 2011

Schedule Update - QUIZ THURSDAY

Schedule Update:

Monday, 12/19 - Per 1, 3, and 6 working on the Egg Drop projects.

Tuesday, 12/20
Per 1 - final drop and calculations
Per 4 - final assembly and drop and calculations
Per 6 - final assembly and drop and calculations

Wednesday, 12/21
Per 3 - final drop and calculations

Egg Drop Calculations
Given/known info: mass (measured), height = 4m, time (measured)
convert mass from grams to kg.
Use conservation of energy to calculate the final velocity (PE1 = KE2)
Use Impulse Momentum theorem to calculate the impact force.

Calculations, along with a short description of your device and why you made it that way, are due the day of the quiz.

Thursday, 12/22
QUIZ - Periods 1, 3, 4, 6
on Work, Power, Energy and Momentum (Packets 4 and 5  )
Review the packets, class notes, and the worksheet from last Monday (sub work). You have the solutions to this so you should try the problems again on your own and then see if you did them correctly.

You can go here for more help too:

You will get the main equations on quiz or on the board. You must be able to do the algebra and solve for different variables though.

You should start reviewing for it now so that you can ask questions on Tuesday or Wednesday.

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