Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Midterm grades posted

The grades for the Midterm Exam have been posted on PowerSchool.

There was no curve. The grades ranged from an 11, up to a 93.

I was very pleased with some of your performances and very disappointed with many of you. Many students did not even try to do the problems. This lack of effort is unacceptable, especially from seniors. You should have the self-respect and self-discipline to do your best on everything you do and many of you did not even try.

Also, many of you did not show your work on the exam. I instructed you that you must show your work to get credit. Just writing an answer is not acceptable.

The midterm was made up of past homework, quiz and in-class examples or problems that were very close to those. I only had 2 students come and ask for help before the exams. I was very disappointed in the lack of effort put in by some of you.

Results by Period

Period     High score     Low score

1                 93                33
3                 86                11
4                 82                13
6                 87                14

Some Advice:

1. Always put forth your best effort on everything you do. Don't get lazy. Take pride in your work.

2. Study. You can not learn and understand just by showing up for class. You must do all of the work, you must review your notes and you must study for exams.

3. Ask for help. Only 2 students out of 90 came for help the week before exams, yet a large number of students failed the exam. I am here after school everyday. Come and ask for help. There are help resources on the class site and on this blog site (see the right side menu).

I'm hoping to see more effort on your next quiz and for the rest of the year. Remember, you need to keep working and putting in the effort all the way to the end of the year. College will be even harder.

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