Friday, February 17, 2012

Summary of assignments and schedule

Here are the assignments you have been working on and what is coming up after break.

Make sure you followed the directions carefully for each assignment.

1.  Multimedia Science School Materials and Stress Lesson

2.  Bridges webQuest

3.  Bridge Project


a) Read Engineering Design Process and Manufacturing Engineering -

b) Read the Bridge Project Rules -

c) Look at some other bridge designs and how they will be tested:

d) design your bridge using the knowledge you gained from the bridges webquest and following the rules and requirements. Make sure you have a drawing with 3 views, dimensions and a list of how many of each length pieces you will need.

e) have your design checked by me

f) build your bridge following the tips in the manufacturing reference

g) test the bridges

h) fill out the project report packet (which you will get on testing day)

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