Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Rocket Project - final checklist

Here is the final checklist for the Rockets Project

  • Finish assembly of rocket
  • Install Engine and Recovery Wadding - make sure you note which engine you have 
  • Complete stability testing (separate instructions)
  • Get mass of rocket empty and with engine
  • Get engine data from engine spec sheet (one posted in class, also Google "Estes Rocket Engine Specifications"
  • Start calculations in rocket packet
  • Launch - scheduled for Thursday, May 24th, weather permitting (rain date is Friday, May 25th) If both days rain out, we will do rocket launches during senior finals week (normal school days!) and you can turn in the Report by June 1st. 
  • Final calculations and Analysis after launch
  • Finish REPORT
Do not wait to start the calculations in the packet. I highly recommend that you start the packet AND the REPORT now! It is not short or easy. 

If Launch goes off on schedule, the reports are due at your final exam. 

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